House price caps off First Home Loans

The Government is to make it easier for more people to get into housing.

Conduct bill into new phase

The much-criticised Financial Markets (Conduct of Institutions) Amendment Bill, or COFI, took another leap forward in parliament yesterday, passing its second reading and going on to consideration by the Committee of the Whole House next week.

Borrowers in difficulty need to deal with it early

FSCL expects increasing number of mortgage complaints.

Westpac’s results more good news for advisers

Westpac has outdone ANZ and originated a greater proportion of home loans through advisers than its bigger rival. Meanwhile, BNZ has gone nowhere with advisers.

Asset sale helps as major bank wrestles with RBNZ criticism

Westpac reports a mixed bag of results but describes its overall performance in the first half of the year as "solid".

New mortgage lending still slim

Investors are still sitting on the sidelines of the residential housing market.

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  • Advisers crack a major milestone

    Mortgage advisers have cracked a major milestone and originated more than half of ANZ's home loans in the six months to March 31.

  • BNZ profit grows

    BNZ lifted its first half profit 7.4% to $709 million.

  • Mortgage applications plummet

    The credit reporting company Centrix says Omicron and looming inflation are sapping consumer confidence.

  • The big bank we didn't know about

    New research shows the Bank of Mum and Dad is a busy little lender which more than competes with some High Street rivals.

  • Prospa loan originations up 64%

    Business lender Prospa has recorded a highly profitable three months and is gearing up for one of its biggest months.

  • Resimac taking banks on

    Resimac has kicked off a campaign to encourage borrowers to use non-banks and to help advisers.

  • RBNZ to press on with DTIs

    The Reserve Bank plans to press ahead and design one of two proposed income-based controls on home lending.

  • High inflation adds to advisers' challenges

    The return of the inflationary bogeyman after a 30-year hibernation is loading more worries onto brokers already burdoned with full licencing requirements and a not-yet remedied CCCFA.

  • Non-bank lending moves slowly upwards

    Statistics show that mortgage lending by non-bank institutions is inching upwards, but is still nowhere near the level it was before the Global Financial Crisis.