Bank margins under pressure: KPMG

Bank margins are under pressure amid record low interest rates and lenders may not be able to cut mortgage rates much further, according to a new report from KPMG.

Mentoring role for NZFSG's Patten

NZFSG's head of growth Bruce Patten has taken on a mentoring role for Loan Market's top-performing advisers in Australia and New Zealand. 

Banks launch SME support loans

With the backing of government guarantees, New Zealand banks have launched support loans for small and medium-sized businesses affected by covid-19.

Housing market: the positives

The New Zealand housing market is poised for its biggest downturn since the GFC, but economist Tony Alexander believes there are reasons to be positive.

Housing market: the negatives

The unprecedented covid-19 outbreak has many economists predicting a short, sharp downturn in the housing market. Tony Alexander weighs up the negatives for homeowners in a post-coronavirus environment.

Banks roll out mortgage holidays

Major lenders have launched mortgage holidays for borrowers affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, using online application forms to process customer requests.

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  • NZFSG cans awards

    The country's largest dealer group, NZ Financial Services Group, has canned its awards as it doesn't want the wrath of the regulator.

  • Advisers deal with client turmoil

    Advisers say clients are asking for debt consolidation, moves to interest-only lending, and mortgage holidays, as the Covid-19 financial crisis takes hold. 

  • HSBC launches sub 3% bank rate

    HSBC has slashed mortgage rates below 3%, launching a new 18 month and one year loan rate at 2.95%.

  • NZFSG rolls out its FAP

    NZ Financial Services Group is inviting all its members to join its FAP and has released pricing to the market.

  • Six-month mortgage holiday for borrowers

    Borrowers affected by the coronavirus crisis will be offered a six-month mortgage holiday under new proposals drawn up by the Government.

  • Advisers head into uncharted territory

    Mortgage advisers are changing their business models amid the coronavirus outbreak, and diversifying ahead of a downturn in the housing market.

  • Westpac latest to cut fixed rates

    Westpac is the fourth bank to cut fixed rates after last week's official cash rate cut, dropping its one year term to 3.09%.

  • Housing market: 6 factors to consider

    It looks as though New Zealand is headed towards an unexpected recession. While house prices are expected to drop in the near term, economist Tony Alexander points out six factors to think about in the current market.

  • Kiwibank cuts one year fixed rate

    Kiwibank is the second bank to slash fixed rates after the Reserve Bank's OCR cut, dropping its one year to 3.09%.

  • House prices to fall for six months: ASB

    Property prices will fall for the next six months, with house price inflation slowing to 0% by next March, according to ASB economists.

  • Banks weigh up fixed rate cuts

    Most borrowers are yet to benefit from the Reserve Bank's OCR cut, but banks say they are weighing up cuts to fixed rate mortgages. 

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