Guidelines for Covid-infected people living in apartments

The Health Ministry has issued new advice for body corporates dealing with Covid-19 infected people self-isolating in their apartments.

House prices materially falling chorus from banks

The BNZ has joined Westpac and the Reserve Bank in predicting modest outright falls in house prices, but a large correction cannot be ruled out.

Tower's flood modelling to change premiums

One in 10 of Tower's policyholders face increased premiums, the rest will see decreases.

Construction costs still streaking ahead

Housing costs are still running at double the typical pace.

Auckland housing crisis nearly over

ASB economists reckon Auckland's housing crisis is coming to an end, but it is not the same story for the rest of the country.

Hot in Hawke's Bay

Visitors choose Hawke's Bay for the food, wine, art deco architecture, rolling hills and beaches. It's also a popular choice for investors, Sally Lindsay writes.

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