What commercial real estate investors want

What is the secret to satisfying today’s tech-savvy, sophisticated and inquisitive investor?

[OPINION] Property always goes up or does it?

This has always been true. Then, one day, it was not.

Wealth drops for the rich but opportunities ahead

Total wealth held by Australasia’s richest people shrank by 11% last year.

More landlords than ever thinking of selling

The number of investors who are likely to sell their properties has risen to a staggering  34.5% over the past two years, a new survey of landlords shows.

Biggest property sales slump in nearly 40 years

Interest rate hikes and tighter lending rules have triggered the biggest property sales collapse since 1981.

Government legislation drives rents and higher house sales

The Healthy Homes Standards and tenancy law changes have been blamed for higher average rents of more than $500 a week.

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