Broker complaint dismissed

FSCL has rejected a complaint against a broker and finance company after a client fell behind on mortgage payments and was forced to sell their home.

CCCFA an opportunity for advisers

Mortgage advisers will benefit from CCCFA lending changes as borrowers seek help with complex home loan applications, according to Squirrel's John Bolton.

Borrowers abandon one year rates

Borrowers are less likely to pick one-year fixed mortgages ahead of expected rate increases, with three-year deals becoming more popular, according to a new survey. 

Westpac and BNZ follow with lockdown rate hikes

Westpac and BNZ are the latest big banks to make significant mortgage rate increases, hiking prices by up to 30 basis points.

Hardship clients face credit issues

Clients making mortgage deferral requests during lockdown have been told their hardship status will affect their credit rating, according to an Auckland-based adviser.

Today's Rate Changes
  • Kiwibank lockdown rate hikes

    State-backed Kiwibank has followed the Australian-owned big four with lockdown rate hikes. Kiwibank's one year rate is now more expensive than all of the big four. ANZ leads with the best big bank pricing at 2.6%.

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Property News

Rents remain at all-time highs

Rents remain at all-time highs

Nationally rents remained at an all-time weekly high of $550 in August despite the country entering a nationwide lockdown.

What office staff expect in a workplace

What office staff expect in a workplace

The office is no longer a place to be anchored at a desk whilst trying to block out the background buzz to meet deadlines.

Housing affordability a long way off

Housing affordability a long way off

The average property value across New Zealand is 7.9 times the average annual household income. A record high in the six-monthly CoreLogic Housing Affordability Report’s 18-year history.