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Our goal is simple. We want to connect you with every mortgage adviser in New Zealand. We can offer you a range of solutions covering print and online.

Here at you can use a range of tools including:

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  • eDM newsletter to the TMM database
  • We can host and promote a webinar for you
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The following table is our planned production schedule for 2021.

TMM - The Mortgage Mag 2021

Month        Booking deadline Material Deadline

On desks

Issue #1   21 Jan 28 Jan 15 Feb
Issue #2   7 Mar 14 Mar 1 Apr
Issue #3   29 Apr 6 May 24 May
Issue #4   17 Jun 24 Jun 12 Jul
Issue #5   12 Aug 19 Aug 6 Sep
Issue #6   30 Sep 7 Oct 25 Oct
Issue #7   11 Nov 18 Nov 6 Dec

*These dates are subject to change.

For more information on how we can help you please contact either:

Philip MacalisterPhilip Macalister,,

phone 0274-377527,