LoanOptions gets new local BDM

LoanOptions expands its New Zealand team.

Manish Chandra is the new senior business development manager at NZ

LoanOptions is an Australian based business which offers an AI solution to help mortgage advisers connect customers with appropriate lenders. It has five staff in New Zealand.

Chandra says his role is to service the adviser channel by expanding and optimising the company's reach within the New Zealand mortgage sector.

"Originally, I'm from India where, interestingly, I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. However, during the engineering course I realised my true calling was the financial services industry as this empowered me to help people in need of financial assistance. So, I started my career as assistant manager in a bank there. Soon, it became clear to me that in order to tread smoothly and be more efficient, I needed a deeper understanding of the finance industry," he tells TMMOnline.

"Hence, my pursuit for higher education brought me to Auckland in 2014. Here, I studied Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration majoring in Finance, from Auckland Institute of Studies. My journey into the New Zealand financial services started while I was still studying. In this last decade, I have actively worked in different segments of the industry, namely retail lending, car dealership, trade credit and most importantly, mortgage. My exposure to these segments have given me a unique understanding of how to cater to a customer's needs for different financial solutions.

"My aim is to showcase the benefits of our proprietary AI technology to the end-users, lenders and our partners," he says.

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