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A year ago, NZHL finalised the investment in LFG, forming the NZHL Group. The aim was to provide advisers and clients with the best possible options and leverage the collective strength of the group - regardless of whether the adviser is using a full support model or a non-branded adviser-led model.

By NZHL CEO Kip Hanna

As a comprehensive adviser group, we cover the market and prioritise providing the right support for our clients - this is crucial as clients increasingly demand quicker responses and more personalised, bespoke, detailed advice from their advisers.

We're witnessing growth in the market despite the ongoing volatility in interest rates, which underscores the resilient and dynamic nature of our industry. We take pride in supporting everyday Kiwis with options as the market landscape evolves.

Integrating digital tools with human interaction is paramount - we believe in enhancing the adviser (and client) experience with technology which enables them to provide advice best for their clients or to support clients in making informed financial decisions.

For advisers, navigating regulatory changes remains a continuous process. The ongoing consolidation in the adviser market reflects a trend where many seek the stability and security offered by experienced, large groups. Having strong shareholder support and access to innovative technology is key to keeping up to date.

The evolution of the adviser market will continue, with a select few as dominant players. At NZHL Group, we are fortunate to have a supportive shareholder who aligns with our ambitious growth plans. We are willing, ready, and able to adapt to the market, leveraging our capability, strength, and scale.

2024 marks a year of growth. We are harnessing the opportunity to grow all parts of NZHL Group, with the strategic rationale behind the group largely driven by revenue opportunities.

Each segment of NZHL Group offers a distinct proposition:

  • NZHL provides a high-touch, client-centric experience offering personalised advisory services across home loans and insurance, alongside coaching and DebtNav—a unique proprietary online debt management tool. NZHL advisers benefit from support of a CRM (Advicelink) tailored to their needs.
  • LFG offers a range of branded and non-branded solutions to support advisers with their business across home loans and insurance.
  • Advicelink is an adviser platform and CRM, with a focus on industry compliance and due diligence. It provides advisers with a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate platform for all stages of the advisory process.
  • Fire General Link specialises in providing commercial and personal fire and general insurance solutions bespoke to clients' needs.

A year on, the benefits are clear. By pooling our resources, we have enhanced efficiencies across compliance, finance, back-office operations, training and development, human resources, and marketing. Alignment is crucial for a group to realise its full potential—this includes shared goals and strategy, as well as unified branding and marketing approach.

LFG has increased compliance support, faster turnaround times, and expanded revenue opportunities. Likewise, for NZHL, the group has fostered stronger relationships with suppliers, given access to a sought-after technology platform, and enabled us to offer more options to our clients— increasing revenue opportunities for the business and our advisers alike.

If you're an adviser in need of support or technology to develop and grow your business – there are options to suit your needs and goals. Reach out; the time is now - 2024 is a year of growth.

About NZHL Group
NZHL Group is a Kiwi-owned, respected, and trusted brand - a purpose-driven (financial freedom, faster) home loan and insurance network that offers a solution to support advisers and help put Kiwis in a better financial position.

Part of Kiwi Group Capital Ltd (KGC) which is 100% Government owned, NZHL Group operates with an Independent Board and local business owners nationwide.

* Please note – Kip Hanna is the CEO at NZHL and has written this opinion piece based on his experience. This article is intended to be general in nature and should not replace personalised business or career advice.

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