Advice Link gets new head

NZHL Group appoints head of distribution and product development for Advice Link as it eyes further expansion.

After 16 years with Link Financial Group (LFG) Kelly Brough has transitioned within the group to head of distribution and product development at Advice Link.

Brough's journey with LFG started at Mortgage Link before moving to her pivotal national sales manager role at LFG, culminating in this significant move. 

NZHL became a major shareholder and investor in Advice Link NZ in 2023, recognising the New Zealand financial services market needed a locally owned high-quality CRM.

NZHL Group’s ambition for Advice Link to become the leading New Zealand financial services CRM is underpinned by the establishment of this new role, NZHL Group chief executive Kip Hanna says.

"We`re extremely fortunate to tap into Kelly`s extensive experience and knowledge of the Advice Link system and our network and market needs. This uniquely positions Kelly to drive forward the growth and success of Advice Link as we gear up to launch to the broader New Zealand financial services market while ensuring ongoing prioritisation of delivery and development improvements to our current users at LFG and NZHL," Hanna says.

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