Loan Market adds national director to supercharge adviser growth

New leader for Loan Market in New Zealand.

Loan Market has appointed Nicole Ferguson as its new national director to drive support and growth for Loan Market businesses and advisers.

Ferguson is recognised within Loan Market for her leadership and deep understanding of technology, innovation, and process improvement, the company says in a statement.

"Her commitment to delivering the six promises Loan Market makes to its advisers — save you time, keep you safe, diversify your revenue, help you find and keep clients, grow your business and drive Loan Market as the number one consumer finance brand in finance - is at the core of her new role."

Her focus will be on harnessing MyCRM, with the rollout of more time-saving features to set new standards of excellence for advisers and their clients. She will also drive the introduction of transformative business growth services, including Kaizen Workshops, Business Builders, and Profit Pulse coaching.

She has a proven track record of addressing adviser challenges and driving growth, notably during her tenure as State Director for Loan Market Victoria and Tasmania.

Ferguson said, "I'm thrilled to join the New Zealand community and bring all my learnings of what businesses and advisers have told me they need to help their business ambitions. I’m keen to make sure our technology and business platform, MyCRM, not only meets but exceeds our advisers’ expectations and be a hands-on, responsive leader to support the Loan Market businesses”. 

Loan Market executive chairman Sam White said Ferguson will lead the Loan Market New Zealand business.

"Her extensive expertise growing businesses, along with her solid understanding of how advisers harness tech to save hours writing deals while staying safe, will help us achieve our mission of becoming the most trusted and liked consumer brand in finance.”

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