Mortgage adviser takes out financial literacy award

Prominent social media poster William Tieu won Financial Advice NZ's financial literacy award.

William Tieu won the Financial Literacy Award. Tieu saw a gap in financial literacy and the need for tailored guidance. This was particularly critical during lockdowns and William used online media channels to develop a voice to continue to inform people about financial options.

This was very important during a time of uncertainty, and it grew financial literacy in New Zealand while giving people peace of mind through considering multiple options in their unique situations.

This audience has grown and today Tieu has 92,000 TikTok followers and hundreds of Instagram followers with ages from 16 years to over 50 years.

Tieu spoke at last month's TMM Better Business conference and gave delegates an insight into what he does, how it started along with tips about making your own videos.

In his previous career, as a Civil Engineer, Tieu built pipelines, and bridges and solved mathematical problems. “This is very similar to financial advisers. Both professions aim to assist our clients in solving the problems they face and to guide them through the process.”

“While my primary focus is mortgages, I address broader financial challenges, especially during economic fluctuations. I believe in providing a solid foundation through first principles on social media, emphasising budgeting, deposit-saving, property leveraging, and understanding their own individual financial position.” he says.

Tim Fairbrother from RIVAL Wealth, received the Community Impact Award from Financial Advice
New Zealand for his ongoing commitment to the Wairarapa community.

Meanwhile the winner of the Tate Scholarship was Stephen Redwood from the Personal Investment Centre, based in Palmerston North.

This award is given to a financial adviser professional who has recently completed the Certified Financial Planner certification. 

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