Resimac says its new fixed rates offer relief for specialist borrowers

Resimac is offering new fixed rates to help advisers give more certainty to specialist borrowers challenged by higher variable rates.

Resimac’s new two-year fixed rates promise welcome relief for many specialist borrowers who have watched their variable rates climb to double digits.

The property lending specialist is offering specialist borrowers a near-Prime product called Specialist Clear, which offers a two-year fixed interest rate of 8.99%pa (Full Doc) and 9.49%pa (Alt Doc). Applicants with up to 80% LVR are eligible.

Resimac New Zealand general manager Luke Jackson said specialist customers were on the road to recovery and deserved the certainty of competitive fixed rates. 

“Few alternatives to banks offer the range of fixed rates that Resimac does. As product lending specialists, we understand the needs of specialist borrowers better than most,” he said.

“Advisers who take advantage of Resimac fixed rates can ensure their eligible customers do not miss out on the certainty of a fixed rate just because they had a financial challenge and have been knocked back by the mainstream lenders.

“I encourage advisers to check whether customers who are suitable for an alternative-to-bank solution are getting the best deal.”

Resimac is able to provide a range of fixed rates thanks to the strong stewardship of its New Zealand leadership team, which understands the needs of local borrowers and is agile enough to develop products that solve real-world problems in its geographic market.

This is an opportune time for advisers to lock in a fixed rate. 

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