Astute launches mentorship scheme

Adviser group Astute Financial has launched a mentorship scheme to guide new entrants into the industry.

The group will kick off its mentor programme on July 1 to provide practical training for new faces in the sector.

The scheme will be led by Astute New Zealand's recently-appointed business development and operations manager, Joe De Sousa.

Astute said the programme would “provide a ‘safe and professional’ learning environment for new entrants”.

It will feature training modules that cover compliance, code of conduct and industry regulations. The programme will work alongside new hires for 12-18 months, with weekly check-ins, one-on-one meetings, workshops and team calls.

In addition, the scheme will focus on qualifications by helping advisers reach their New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services Level 5 v2. 

De Sousa said: “We are providing an affordable, structured programme that will run for up to 18 months, at the end of which, advisers will be able to enter the industry with confidence and assurance. Even more importantly, clients working with these advisers are assured that their interests are at the forefront of every financial decision being made.”

“Being a financial adviser means largely working on your own and that can be tough, especially for new entrants,” De Sousa added.

“Having someone to run ideas by, share concerns with, or ask questions of is invaluable. With this mentor programme, we’ll be providing training and support to help grow confident, knowledgeable financial advisers.”

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