TAP into everything you need for your FAP

TAP are 100% behind the independent adviser market and believe, with the right support, advice firms of any size can operate their own FAP with confidence.

All TAP members have access to our market-leading “FAP-in-a-Box” solution:

  • The FAP Blueprint - Access TAP’s full suite of FAP-ready policy and process templates.
  • The Advice Process - Use our advice tools and templates, or we can help review yours.
  • The Platform - A purpose-built CRM to track your advice process, manage your pipelines, and identify any compliance gaps as they happen. From $50 per week.
  • Admin Support - Our optional full-time admin support team to help you deliver services and document the hard work you do for your clients. From $350 per week.
  • Oversight & Audits - TAP into our compliance team for on-demand audit support, licensing guidance and business mentoring. From $490 per audit.

    No fixed monthly membership fee means advisers can just TAP into the services they need.

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Q: Can I run my own FAP with TAP?

A: Yes, TAP provides everything a business needs to run its own FAP and receive the top commissions available to you. 

Q: What does it cost to become a TAP Member and access the services?
A: Nothing at all. It is FREE to be a TAP member and you get 100% of the commission you are entitled to including payments like the FAPO.

Q: Can I get PI cover via the TAP scheme if I am a solo adviser FAP?
A: Yes, our group scheme can accommodate single adviser FAPs.

Q: Is there a cost for my admin staff to use the CRM?
A: No, there is no cost for your support staff to use the CRM. 

Q: How often do I need to pay for a file audit?
A: File audits are optional and you can choose how often you want them.

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