High LVR lending: what does the data say?

While mortgage advisers say they have found it difficult to get high LVR loans for their clients, Reserve Bank data indicate there has been an increase in high LVR lending since May. 

TMM has taken a look at the latest Reserve Bank data on high LVR lending as the housing market soars to record highs across New Zealand. 

Higher than 80% LVR lending totalled $757 million in August, according to the most recently available data. 

That compares with $796 million the prior month and $577 million in August last year. 

Owner occupiers took the bulk of +80% LVR loans, borrowing $751 million.

Investors have enjoyed an increase in home loans above 70% LVR.

According to the Reserve Bank, high LVR new mortgage commitments to investors saw an increase of 10.3% in August. 

Property investors borrowed $491 million above 70% LVR, up from $84 million in May, before the Reserve Bank scrapped loan-to-value ratio restriction rules. 

It comes after the Reserve Bank scrapped LVR restrictions on owner-occupiers and investors for a year at the beginning of May to boost the market in the wake of Covid-19.

The data show the Reserve Bank's support has had a direct impact on the lending market.

The increase in high LVR loans comes alongside record-low interest rates and monetary policy support from the Reserve Bank to push down the cost of home loans.

Leading economist Tony Alexander has predicted LVR limits will be reintroduced for investors next year to take some of the heat out of the loan market.

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