New hires on board at Mortgage Link

Adviser group Mortgage Link has made a series of new hires across its national network.

Caroline Walker

Caroline Walker joins the group in Otago, as a Registered Financial Adviser specialised in mortgages.

She is experienced in lending and guiding first home buyers through the buying process using KiwiSaver and HomeStart grants.

Walker also has a breadth of experience with WelcomeHome Loans, through to debt consolidation and refinancing.

She has a degree in commerce and previously worked in sports event management and marketing roles in the UK, Wellington and Dunedin.

Jen Taylor joins Mortgage Link in Rangitikei/Manawatu. Mortgage Link said Taylor is “passionate about building long term relationships with her clients to help find the right financial solution”.

Meanwhile, Dennis Sullit has joined the business in Auckland.

Sullit started his career with ANZ Bank in Mt Roskill, Auckland in 2007.

Mortgage Link described Sullit as Dennis as “experienced in personal finance and KiwiSaver investment.

“Dennis enjoys connecting with people to deliver tailored solutions for clients,” the company added.

Kate Li also joins in Auckland. Li has more than ten years of experience through various major banks.

Li worked as a fraud analyst at Westpac before taking on a role as a case assessor for IAG. She also worked for BNZ for two years, as well as ANZ.

Li is specialised in financial risk assessment and profit maximisation, mortgage and property lending, and residential and corporate financing.

Fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, Li has an MBA degree from Auckland University of Technology.

Trish Greenwood joins in Christchurch. Greenwood has “extensive high-level experience in banking and financial services”, Mortgage Link said.

Greenwood, an accredited member of Financial Advice New Zealand, “brings a deep wealth of knowledge, razor-sharp financial advice and a grounded practical perspective”, Mortgage Link said.

Cameron Chappel also joins in Christchurch. Chappel has spent several years providing risk and insurance advice and running his own business.

Chappel joins Mortgage Link and plans to help first home buyers through the home-buying process.

Greg Wesson joins Insurance Link in Hamilton.

In September 2007, he set up GROFIN Insurance Solutions, after five years as a business and rural insurance Manager for ASB.

Meanwhile, advisory company Mortgagehq, has joined the non-branded Mortgage Link business. The Auckland-based company was founded in 2015 and is focused on investors.

Mortgage Link said the company’s managing director Andrew Malcolm “plays a hands-on role personally talking with many prospective clients about their goals and challenges”.

Senior Adviser Blandon Leung has won a series of industry awards.

To help Mortgage Link as the sector moves towards a new regulatory environment, the company has also hired an administration services manager.

Mohammed Metar joins after years of experience in the financial services sector including spells at Westpac and New Zealand Home Loans.

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