Avanti reaches debt milestone

Non-bank lender Avanti has reached a key milestone with its securitised debt which will create capacity for further lending. 

The lender has completed a "term out" on its securitised debt after receiving support from institutional investors.

A term out is a critical part of the securitisation process which allows institutional investors to buy slices of pooled debt.

The term out will create additional capacity and help Avanti write more loans for its specialist client base.

The completion is the second in just over a year for Avanti, which finished a $200 million term out in June 2018.

Avanti head of sales Stephen Massey says the milestone is significant as "many lenders have not had the growth to complete a term out in recent times". 

"This allows us to keep on providing solutions and gives us the confidence to keep building in New Zealand," Massey told TMM Online.

Massey believes the term out demonstrates support for the New Zealand non-bank lending space.

He adds: "Our offer to the market was over-subscribed and we had the majority of last year’s investors re-invest in this second term out. This was really pleasing for us; the investors have seen us continue to deliver on what we had planned. Further, this shows solid Investor appetite for quality residential-backed securities; this is good news for all non-bank mortgage lenders."

Massey credited advisers for supporting the non-bank sector: "The support of advisers throughout the business allowed us to have a successful turnout again."

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