Mortgage Express hires Sara Hartigan

Adviser group Mortgage Express has hired TV and radio personality Sara Hartigan from Loan Market to boost its Auckland office.

Hartigan, a well-known contributor to TV and radio on mortgage issues, joined her new group on 1 September after 4 years at Loan Market. Hartigan was a judge on TV One series Our First Home, passing on knowledge to Kiwi families.

Hartigan's passion for property began at 22 when she bought her first home, buying an investment property just three years later. Mortgage Express said she had an "impressive portfolio". Mortgage Express said in a statement: "Sara believes no deal is too tough to secure and invites clients at all stages of their home buying journey to get in touch with her."

Hartigan added: "Whether you’re looking for a competitive interest rate on an existing mortgage, trying to get a foot onto the property ladder and buy your first home, or growing your property portfolio with a rental property, I can help you."




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