Adviser smashes speed golf record

He holds the record for being the fastest over 10km on crutches and now Squirrel mortgage adviser, Brad Luiten can add another Guiness World Record accolade to his name.  

The 35-year-old national runner has completed 237 holes of golf in just 12 hours, beating the previous record of 221 completed holes in the same time period.

His achievement at the Helensville Golf Club was in memory of good friend Stephen Gove who died due to complications from bowel cancer last year, Luiten told media.

"Bowel Cancer NZ is just a really small organisation based in Dunedin and they have only got two paid part-time staff, so there is not a lot of funding for them," he told Fairfax. 

Luiten was supported by his mum, who kept score, wife Nina and several others including designated ball spotters to help speed up his transitions from each hole. 

He ran a combined distance of nearly 100km during the event. 

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