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Young mortgage adviser of the year named (+ VIDEO)

Jeff Elias from Online Mortgage Brokers in Wellington has been named as the PAA's Young Mortgage Adviser of the Year.  

Elias, who was has been a mortgage adviser for nearly two years, talks to TMM publisher Philip Macalister about his career so far.

"Jeff has set up his own practice and the judges were impressed how much he has developed his processes, technology and advice material to assist clients to better understand Mortgages, structures and the ongoing support to help clients meet their goal of paying off their mortgage," they said.

The Professional Advisers Association named Ajay Kumar from Global Finance Services in Auckland as mortgage advisers of the year."

"Ajay realised many years ago that the value he could add over and above getting a client a mortgage was helping them pay it off faster.  He designed his own Interest Saver Plan 18 years ago and started using it with great success. Since then he has built his own IT platform to run it and all his processes and still today is using it himself to help clients achieve their dreams."

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