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With numerous home loan awards under our belt, you can feel confident that ASB have some of the best home loan products in the market. We have years of lending experience and have been supporting brokers to offer exceptional customer service for over 20 years. We’re proud to be a supporter of Mortgage Brokers.






RESIMAC Home Loans is an established non-bank lender committed to providing a range of lending solutions to New Zealand home owners and investors. Our team is focused on finding ways to help our mortgage advisers and customers achieve their goals and creating an outstanding customer experience. Our broad range of home loans suit a variety of borrowers, from some of the most competitively priced on the market, to options for borrowers having difficulty getting a home loan. Supported by our parent company RESIMAC Limited, the largest Non-Bank Lender in Australia.





Established in 1989, we are a privately owned New Zealand finance company specialising in ‘non-bank’ lending.
Our diverse product offering ranges from small unsecured personal loans to 30-year first mortgages.
Our focus is about finding a tailored solution that meets your client’s needs, while ensuring a quick and easy process.
We are committed to building and growing our valued relationships with advisors throughout NZ using our broad range of tailored solutions.
Avanti’s mantra is to be the ‘first second choice’ for advisers and borrowers across our range.







Cressida Capital

Established in 2003, Cressida Capital is a specialist non-bank lender with strong ties to the New Zealand Adviser community.

We fund commercial and residential property up to an LVR of 75% and are focussed on delivering effective funding solutions at market leading rates with minimal conditions. 

Typical requirements include working capital release, bridging finance, debt consolidation, construction, and property development funding. We also lend to clients who don’t meet traditional bank criteria such as property investors, developers, recent immigrants, non-resident borrowers and those who are self-employed or have impaired credit.