Nikko relaunches its KiwiSaver proposition

Nikko has relaunched its GoalsGetter KiwiSaver proposition adding other managers’ funds and making improvements for advisers.

Nikko’s GoalsGetter KiwiSaver Scheme now has a diversified mix of 18 high-calibre funds.

It says these funds have been hand-picked by Nikko AM NZ’s experienced team from a range of leading fund managers and include funds from Milford, Harbour, Salt, Pathfinder and Generate alongside Nikko AM’s own funds.

Nikko AM New Zealand managing director, Stuart Williams, says that putting a structured, pre-vetted framework around fund choice plays a key role in enabling KiwiSaver members to realise the benefits of diversification.

“Diversification is one of the core fundamentals of successful investing. But achieving the right portfolio settings still requires thorough market knowledge and investment expertise.”

“While we’re not the first KiwiSaver scheme to offer a multi-fund solution, others rely on the individual to understand the options and make their own fund selections from a wide variety of possibilities. This can often lead to poor choices and/or an unbalanced portfolio.”

Williams says that the scheme has also been designed to assist financial advisers to provide robust, cost-effective, tailored solutions for their clients.

Goals Getter’s funds have been vetted by investment experts, including an independent investment consultant.

“Our inbuilt expert robo-advice functionality can further refine the selection and guide members to the most suitable funds based on their personal objectives and risk preferences,” Williams says.

“The GoalsGetter KiwiSaver Scheme not only provides financial advisers with the ability to deliver a personalised diversified portfolio solution across quality fund managers; our
market-leading technology supports a streamlined, fully-digital client experience from onboarding to tracking performance to transacting.”

“This evolution of our KiwiSaver scheme offering under the GoalsGetter brand is very much in line with the GoalsGetter philosophy of connecting individual investors, either directly or through their financial adviser, with expert strategies tailored to their savings ambition,” he says.

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