Mortgage advisers to be offered another association choice

The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) is planning to set up shop in New Zealand.

Its decision means mortgage advisers will have a choice of associations to belong too, FBAA or Financial Advice NZ.

The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) describes itself as "Australia's leading national association for finance and mortgage brokers, representing more than 11,000 members."

FBAA managing director Peter White told members at its annual meeting last week it will be “going across the ditch to New Zealand”.

It plans to open a local branch but the name of the New Zealand brand has not yet been finalised.

The Adviser reports that the move has been in the works for the past eight months after the association saw the “opportunities for brokers” in New Zealand and for those in Australia who want to expand into other markets.

White said: “It’s very exciting times and we’re very much looking forward to that and supporting you further, supporting those our neighbours [in NZ] who are not that far away from us … we’ve always got to look to what is next and I’m always looking forward to what is next.”

“There are Australian brokers already who have a footprint over there, and we’re here to support you and your businesses in those kinds of initiatives. So if this is on your radar, then we’re going to be there with you,” he said.


Source: The Adviser

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