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Recently we hosted our annual conference in Auckland with the theme ‘Strong Together’.

By NZHL CEO Kip Hanna

Why? The stronger we are together (as a group) with our processes, services, suppliers, partners, and advisers, the better the service provided to our clients - and the more Kiwis we can help become financially free, independent, and making better financial decisions.

At NZHL, we pride ourselves on being a people-led and technologically enabled business.

We provide extensive wrap-around support to our advisers - from training to lead generation and branding, compliance and customer experience to business operations, technology support, business coaching, and excellent team engagement and culture.

These are real and tangible benefits an adviser would otherwise have to pay or source themselves - solid support systems free advisers up to focus on delivering better service to more clients.

NZHL has a high-touch client proposition - our skilled advisers provide in-depth ongoing advisory services.

When considering who to work with for their mortgage, homeowners tend to choose based on ease of process, brand reputation, recommendations, the availability of ongoing support, and the ability to help with more than a mortgage.

Our data shows our clients' value personalised service and advice, transparency, and consistent contact - clients have a higher satisfaction score with frequent interaction and reliable follow-through.

We should consider what clients want from an adviser and an advisory brand. Higher client satisfaction scores enable a longer-term relationship and more loyal, financially educated clients – it drives recommendations and new business - while focusing on where the client needs support expands their value and future growth opportunities.

The technology behind NZHL is DebtNav, our unique online tool that enables faster financial independence and allows for informed decision-making with the ability to monitor, plan, and review.

According to our latest Client Survey, 80% of our clients feel in control of their financial well-being* -no small feat given the current economic cycle. It means our proposition (financial freedom faster) is working and reinforces why we have ambitious growth aspirations. As we scale, we can help more Kiwis into a better financial state - we are aligned and committed to delivering this.

With ongoing economic uncertainty and increased requirements when applying for finance, homeowners are actively seeking personalised advice. They want coaching and personalised support - they want to talk to an adviser.

Choosing a home loan is the most difficult (and important) financial decision many Kiwis will ever make. Imagine if all homeowners had access to someone who knows their local community and is ready to listen to their financial goals and help tailor a plan to get there.

That is the NZHL promise – personalised service enabled by technology and backed by the NZ Government, with a mandate to support more informed, better financial choices.

I recognise this may seem a stretch - advisers are under pressure with the market requiring more. To sustain and grow their business, advisers need support with the right skills, tools, and operational services.

I encourage all advisers to surround themselves with a solid support network that understands the challenges and the unique operating environment to deliver value services that support success.



About NZHL
NZHL is a passionately Kiwi, passionately local home loan and insurance network currently helping more than 50,000 New Zealanders collectively save millions of dollars in interest costs every year.

Part of Kiwi Group Capital Ltd (KGC) which are 100% Government owned, NZHL operates with an Independent Board and 70 local business owners nationwide.  NZHL believes in helping Kiwis achieve financial freedom, faster and takes a structured, personalised approach to bring this to life.

Please note – Kip Hanna is the CEO at NZHL and has written this opinion piece based on his experience. This article is intended to be general in nature and should not replace personalised business or career advice.
*NZHL Client Survey 2023.

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