Acton-Adams returns to Astute

Former Liberty Finance business development manager Rose Acton-Adams has joined Astute as its new sales manager.

For Acton-Smith it is a return to a former business.  Before joining Liberty seven years ago she was at Mortgage Express, which is part of Astute.

Prior to that she was a mortgage adviser in her own right.

The sales manager role is newly created at Astute with a focus on helping its adviser members grow their businesses.

Currently Astute has around 130 mortgage advisers.

Head of sales, Nathan Kerr, who has been running the New Zealand business recently, says Acton-Adams will help members take the next step up with their businesses.

He says a lot of advisers in the group are looking to bring new members on board.

While lending volumes are down, advisers are still busy, he says, and many are looking to move to the next level.

Astute is looking to grow and add “like-minded” advisers. He says the business has a high focus on compliance.

Acton-Adams is well-known to many Astute members after her time with Mortgage Express and also Liberty.

“My passion is to help people grow,” she says.

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