Mortgage director launches book for first-home buyers

If you’ve been wanting to buy your first home but feeling pushed out by inflation, economic pressures and changes in New Zealand’s real estate market, don't give up your smashed avocado just yet.

My Mortgage director and mortgage adviser Claire Williamson has written the ultimate guide for first-home buyers, 'Smashed Avo to Smashed Goals’, which aims to educate and empower first-home buyers to confidently navigate the home-buying process and achieve the dream of home ownership.

As a mortgage adviser, homeowner, investor, and home lending expert, Williamson has drawn on her experience, knowledge, and passion to create this comprehensive, yet fun and easily digestible book.

She says that despite their best efforts, many would-be first-home buyers are finding it difficult to get a foot on the property ladder, and the experience is often horrible, stressful and difficult.

"Many would-be first home buyers have trimmed their expenses, consistently saved, and adjusted their expectations about the home they’ll buy, but it still feels like a lost cause. They’re often in the dark about the process and don’t know about the levers they can pull in their favour to achieve their homeownership goals.”

With 'Smashed Avo to Smashed Goals,' Williamson hopes to create a sense of hope and inspire readers to take action – now.

"I wrote this book because I deeply care about my generation tasting the pride, excitement, and freedom of home ownership. I want more Kiwis to feel the thrill and sense of achievement that comes from walking through your own front door for the first time," Williamson says.

‘Smashed Avo to Smashed Goals’ is a resource that's free of jargon, so everyday New Zealanders can feel more confident about the process. It covers every step of the buying process, from planning and preparation to purchasing your first home, and includes post-purchase tips on how to stay on top of a home loan and make it work long-term.

Williamson says "If I could give one piece of advice to anyone thinking about their first home, it is – get a clear understanding of the position you’re in now, and don’t make assumptions. That means taking a good look at your income, expenses, and deposit. You don’t need to do that alone – talk with a mortgage adviser."

‘Smashed Avo to Smashed Goals’ is not just for first-home buyers, but anyone in an industry associated with home buying, such as real estate agents, accountants, lawyers, and parents of first-home buyers. It is Williamson’s first book and will be officially launched on Thursday, 30 March 2023 at Cambridge Raceway.

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