Kiwibank boosts earnings

Kiwibank has announced a net profit after tax of $98m for the six months to 31 December 2022, up 53% on the same time last year.

The bank says profits during this period were aided by a resilient New Zealand economy, but the current period would be dominated by higher interest rates and the impact of January and February's storms.

Kiwibank chief executive Steve Jurkovich said the bank grew its home lending book by $0.6 billion over the six month period and it said it was deepening its relationship with advisers.

“Our goal is to be the bank of choice for even more Kiwis,” Jerkovich said.

Breaking down the details, Kiwibank said its interest earnings and expenses both rose, and so did its net interest income, from $298 million to $386 million.

Its total operating income rose from $$228 million to $415 million.

Net profit after tax rose from $64 million to $98 million.

The bank said it had donated money and generators to the flood hit communities.

But it stressed that much of its help to flood stricken borrowers would come from reducing repayments to the minimum regular amount, restructuring a loan, extending the loan term or allowing temporary interest-only repayments.

These are the standard ways in which banks help customers in need.

It added it had seen no significant uplifts in home lending defaults, but that could change in the coming months and this had been reflected in the bank’s provisioning.

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