Stephen Massey hangs up his own shingle

Six months after leaving Avanti, Stephen Massey has a new gig.

Massey, who spent 19 years at Avanti and finished heading distribution, is now into the distribution game.

He has joined Loanmarket as a mortgage adviser working in Auckland's North Shore/North Western area.

Since leaving Avanti Massey had done his Level Five papers through Strategi's classroom programme and is now looking for his first deal.

He tells TMMOnline that some people maybe surprised at the move and thought he may have gone for another corporat- type role. However, he wanted to do something for himself and get close to customers again rather than dealing with policy, compliance and other matters.

Many people "assumed I go for another big role or title but that wasn't what it was about for me."

"I wanted to be closer to the customer."

Massey talked to a number of groups but settled on Loanmarket as it had good systems and support.

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