Omega Capital adds experienced property finance specialist

Commercial mortgage broking house Omega Capital has added a new property finance specialist.

Commercial mortgage broking house Omega Capital has appointed Nadine Lazzara to its property finance consultant team.

Lazzara is an experienced property finance specialist, having worked for more than five years in corporate banking prior to joining Omega Capital, specialising in complex residential and commercial property development and investment projects.

She studied in Canada before to moving to New Zealand in 2012.

“I have a deep knowledge of the wider market, and property-specific insights that are valuable for both experienced and new property professionals,” she says. This knowledge is supported by a “keen interest in the property industry.”

One of Lazzara’s biggest strengths is her ability to foster and maintain genuine relationships, while ensuring her clients achieve their short and long-term development goals.

Her background includes time in a relationship manager role, solidifying her ability to provide her clients confidence and comfort in their property lending experience.

Omega Capital general manager, Noni Martin, says “Nadine’s background in corporate banking coupled with her deep knowledge of property finance makes her a perfect fit for the Omega Capital team.”

“Her appointment brings further strength to our team and our clients, particularly the many property developers we work with, who will greatly benefit from her experience and skills.”

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