Scammers target Financial Services Federation

The public have been asked to stay alert for fraudsters using the name of the Financial Services Federation (FSF).

They have been warned of scammers purporting to be from the FSF asking for money.

The FSF is the umbrella body for non-bank lenders, finance companies and leasing firms, and works to further their interests with Government, the public and other sectors.

It says it does not contact the public asking for money and says people should not respond to any such request.

The Federation says both its name and its logo have been used fraudulently in attempts to obtain money or private information.

"We would never ask members of the public for money, and we want to do what we can to help prevent people from being sucked in by these revolting individuals," says FSF Executive Director Lyn McMorran.

"We all know that scammers can pose as government and bank representatives, and this is unfortunately a stark reminder that any organisation, especially in the financial services sector, is a target for their names and logos to be used to prey on people.”

McMorran says she doesn't know how far this scam has gone, but has referred the matter to the Police and placed an alert banner on its website,

She says information on how people can protect themselves can be found on the CERT NZ's website:

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