Bond service to get massive upgrade

Work is underway to replace the tenancy bond service in a huge task.

Tenancy Services hold more than $750 million of bond money in bond money and says it has a responsibility to make sure customers have access to a modern, and more efficient service through advances in technology.

It is aiming to replace the service with a new one that is more user-friendly and fit for purpose, allowing landlords and tenants to get better service that includes: 

  • faster processing when lodging bonds or getting refunds;
  • ability to check your bond status;
  • self-service features to manage bonds online;
  • better integration for customers using property management software; and
  • improved support for more complex bond situations.

Tenancy Services says it will continue to enhance the existing system and processes until the new solution is designed, thoroughly tested and ready for use.

Replacing the existing tenancy bond system is a huge task and Tenancy Services says it needs to make sure existing and new customers are not impacted by the changes.

“We expect work to continue in the next couple of years for designing and thoroughly testing the new system to have confidence that it can meet requirements and future needs.”

Support channels such as its service centre are still available to customers. These options will remain for tenants and landlords who are not able to engage with Tenancy Services online.

It will get customer feedback at different phrases of the project, such as when it is designing and testing proposed features for the new system.

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