Mortgage Express adds new adviser

Mortgage Express has appointed a 22 year veteran of the ANZ to a role as mortgage adviser.

Kylie Borrie took up that post at the start of the month.

She earlier worked at ANZ in a home lending role.

“Having decided on a career change, I found myself really missing the role that I had played in helping our local community achieve their goals,” Borrie said.

“As the Eastern Bay of Plenty has always been my home, it’s where my family all live, I have a vested interest in our community’s success.”

“We’re thrilled to have Kylie join our team,” Mortgage Express chief executive Sarah Johnston says.

“We believe that Kylie’s skills, experience and knowledge will have a real impact on our team.”

Mortgage Express has been in business since 1998. It operates under a FAP held by Astute Financial Management, and is owned by the real estate firm, Harcourts.

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