Ex British police officer becomes senior manager at Pepper

A one-time English detective, who switched to the finance sector, has been appointed Business Development Manager (BDM) at the non-bank lender, Pepper Money.

Michael Sweeney will support financial advisers as well as educate business networks on alternative lending.

“Mr Sweeney has a deep understanding of the mortgages and financial sector, and has extensive experience across a range of leadership, BDM, and advisory positions, including the establishment of his own advisory business,” Pepper Money said.

Earlier in his career, Sweeney served 13 years as a Detective with the Greater Manchester Police in the UK.

He moved with his family to New Zealand in 2006 and began his switch of career.

He was initially employed in Auckland by the investigations unit of the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC). He then moved into a team promoting accident cover for self-employed people and shareholder employees.

In 2012, Sweeney joined The National Partnership, which later evolved into Kepa. He initially had a BDM role and was later National Sales Manager working with advisers in the risk and mortgage sectors.

He set up his own financial advisory business in 2015 on the Hibiscus Coast.

In 2020, Sweeney joined NIB as an Adviser Partner Manager.

His latest appointment has been welcomed by Pepper's national sales manager, Michelle Sargeant.

“Michael joins our growing network of BDMs across the country with a focus on driving our residential mortgage lending business.

“He brings a wealth of experience and understanding of the finance industry, on-the- ground experience, and passion for delivering quality service experiences.”

“Our team of BDMs are incredibly important when it comes to ensuring financial advisers across New Zealand are fully supported now – more than ever.

“As customer scenarios are increasingly becoming more complex, Pepper Money continues to be at the forefront of supporting financial advisers with trouble-shooting
complex scenarios with speed and confidence.”

Sargeant said people like Sweeney were hugely important in a lending environment disrupted by COVID-19.

“Our team continues to go above and beyond to make sure our financial advisers and customers feel supported – in all aspects of their real life.”

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