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Harmoney floats

Lender and former P2P specialist Harmoney has joined the stock market in Australia and New Zealand.

The group, which closed its P2P business earlier this year, has raised a total of $100 million from investors.

It will fund the lender's expansion as it continues to offer personal loan products. 

Harmoney has its main listing in Australia. 

The company said: "Applications exceeded the IPO offer size of A$92.5 million, of which approximately A$70.0 million (before costs) will be used to fund Harmoney’s growth as it accelerates originations in Australia and New Zealand and the funding of loans by bank-funded warehouse facilities. Voluntary escrow arrangements are in place for all significant existing shareholders, including Founder, Neil Roberts and CEO, David Stevens, with 72.3% of the total shares on issue to be subject to voluntary escrow arrangements."

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