Big bank broker boss retires

The head of third party distribution at one of the big four banks has decided to retire after years in the role.

[Pictured: Marc Oliver prepares for his last mortgage adviser conference]

After a 40 year career at ASB Marc Oliver has announced his resignation from the bank.

Oliver has headed up third party distribution at the bank for around 15 years, taking over from one of of the founders of mortgage broker distribution, Tom Roberts.

Oliver leaves the role in three weeks time and ASB advertised internally for a replacement this week.

Over the years he has attended dozens of mortgage adviser group conferences and made his final appearance at the Mortgage Link conference in Wellington this week.

In a short speech at the conference dinner Oliver said there was not specific reason why he decided to leave the role other than that it felt like the right time to move on.

He said it has been "an amazing ride" with lots of highs and lows.

Over the next six months he doesn't plan to do much, other than to hang out at his bach at Waihi Beach.  He plans to return to the work force in the future, but in what role is undecided.

Oliver finishes up on December 4.

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