The ultimate client relationship relies on…

Communicating regularly and being in contact when it counts.

Good communication is central to nurturing strong relationships with clients. And of course, nothing beats one-to-one interactions, be that over the phone, meeting in person, or catching up via Zoom. But as advisers know all too well, time is short, and it passes quickly.

So how do you stay connected with clients in between your one-to-one interactions? What can you put in place to ensure you’re communicating regularly and are in contact when it counts?

It starts with doing the fundamentals well and doing them consistently. Client eNewsletters and Automated Client Care Communications are two such tools (or fundamentals) that deliver benefits to both advisers and their clients. Here’s how.

Client eNewsletters
As an adviser, building strong client relationships is about knowledge and quality advice. Of course ‘product’ plays an important role, but ultimately it is the value of an adviser’s expertise and guidance as perceived by their client that underpins the relationship.

One of the most straight-forward ways an adviser can reinforce their clients’ understanding of the value of advice is by sharing useful insights, updates and information in a regular Client eNewsletter. This simple approach, done well, supports the following:

  • It reiterates the value of advice by sharing quality, knowledge-rich, relevant content
  • It regularly reminds clients that they have an expert in their corner, ready to assist with relevant advice as life changes and new opportunities, challenges or needs arise
  • It helps clients grow financial knowledge and confidence, and keeps them informed
  • And in doing these three things, it supports strong client relationships; relationships that drive business success through retention and referral.

Automated Client Care Communications
What can you automate to save time, drive efficiency and complement your personal advice services? Taking the manual labour out of client care communications, for example the Annual Review Reminder, is a key example.

Once set up, Automated Communications work in the background and send communications based on agreed rules, for example: [Send the Annual Review Reminder 30 days before the Annual Review Date]. Each type of communication can be supported by follow-up emails (SMS can also be incorporated) and notifications to the adviser regarding client action or inaction.

Automated Communications are an effective tool for advisers seeking options to evidence and track client-care communications, and deliver a number of benefits, including:

  • Supporting proactive contact with clients at key milestones
  • Reducing time spent on admin and freeing up time for advice
  • Supporting compliance objectives and requirements.

Time to power up your client communication?
Drawing on over 20 years’ experience in financial services communications, FINERGY specialises in creating quality Client eNewsletters and Automated Client Care Communications for financial advisers. FINERGY launched services for New Zealand financial advisers in early 2017, and today works with advisers across the country.

If you would like to find out more about FINERGY, contact to request your 24-hour Guest Login, to explore various Automated Communications and our eNewsletter Content Library. Or we welcome you to visit our website at

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