The health insurance sector now has a very powerful ally

Auckland Health Services are “the missing link” to health insurance

If you are looking for a meaningful healthcare experience that ensures efficient access to quality medical services, Auckland Health Services (AHS) has the knowledge and expertise for you. AHS offers a personalised, medical coordination service to guide health insured members seamlessly through the process. AHS medical coordination revolves around a patient centric model which fosters good communication between stakeholders as well as in-depth knowledge of the New Zealand medical environment and providers.

Estelle Kruse-Stowers, the Managing Director of the company explains that the founding principles of the medical coordination services ensure that, 

  • Patients are seen through the delivery of medical and surgical procedures seamlessly
  • Medical claims are handled efficiently, with care and empathy
  • Patients experience a smooth medical journey with trusted support and guidance
  • Recovery and rehabilitation is pro-actively managed, aiding in the overall experience
  • Health insured members have a reliable and efficient coordinator who manages the patient with support through their entire health journey

AHS facilitate all coordination aspects of a medical journey including assisting with insurance approvals, liaison with specialists, coordination of appointments, management of treatment plans, the collation of invoices and medical notes and the pro-active management of the rehabilitation process. The professional team has strong working relationships with a network of healthcare providers, which enables access to: 

  • Preferential appointment slots
  • Faster treatment pathways
  • Negotiated rates with major providers
  • Cost containment measures for insurers
  • Cashless payment for members

Additional key services offered by the specialised team include:

  • Executive Medical service providing comprehensive health assessments, screening tests, and personalised health advice
  • Medical and rehabilitation equipment hire 

All AHS services are delivered with empathy and compassion during times that can often be daunting for health insured members, which means that clients feel supported and confident in the process. 

AHS understand that positive customer experiences lead to increased patient satisfaction and loyalty to their health insurance provider. They aim to provide that missing link when it comes to servicing the members of health insurance providers with empathy and  expertise.

If you would like to know more about how the team at AHS can provide a seamless customer experience for your clients, visit or email to arrange a meeting.

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