Mentoring role for NZFSG's Patten

NZFSG's head of growth Bruce Patten has taken on a mentoring role for Loan Market's top-performing advisers in Australia and New Zealand. 

Experienced adviser Patten has begun a business-coaching programme for the Loan Market franchise's platinum elite brokers, guiding them through business structure, recruitment and training. 

His focus will shift from developing NZFSG/Loan Market's ancillary product range, after the group struck a partnership deal with One Partner Limited for its asset finance business. 

"It's an extension of my existing role, and as we have moved into partnership on the car finance business, it has freed me up to do other things. I have always done mentorship for NZ brokers, and we are doing it in Australia now as well, with the franchise model."

Patten travelled to Australia before international flights were halted in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak. He has met brokers over the ditch to begin the mentoring programme, which will continue via Zoom and other video calling software for now. 

"It's very much one-on-one training and is basically business coaching for the franchise, working with brokers here and in Australia, showing them how to maximise their business."

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