Resimac takes over data entry for advisers

Non-bank Resimac is taking over data entry for home loan applications to make the process more simple for advisers.

Previously, advisers were forced to type information into the lender's online submission system, RESIQ, but the firm has decided to take on the filing itself.

Advisers can submit their forms, notes, servicing calculations, and other documents to Resimac's administration team, the lender said.

Resimac's New Zealand boss Luke Jackson, said the lender had taken the step to speed up the application process and make things easier for advisers.

Resimac has launched the initiative to win over advisers after taking feedback from the sector. 

"As well as sharpening our pricing twice over the past two and a half months and refining our credit policy to meet borrower needs, we are delighted to have enhanced our processes to look after the interests of our adviser partners,” Jackson said.

Glen McLeod of Edge mortgages welcomed the move, and said it would "definitely make things easier" for advisers. He added: "Great to see that they are thinking of the adviser partners. A good move."

Application speed and turnaround times remain a familiar problem for mortgage advisers across the country. Turnaround times were cited as the problem most likely to keep advisers awake at night in TMM's 2018 and 2019 annual surveys. 

Nearly 20% (19.5%) of respondents said turnaround times “keep me awake”, while 46% of brokers said the issue was “of some concern”.


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