Transforming commercial investment

Many investors are switching from residential to commercial property and now a new platform aims to makes access to the sector easier.

A New Zealand company has launched a new venture called Jasper which they believe will reinvent the global commercial real estate investment environment.

Co-founder Mark Hurley says he wants to enhance investment potential in commercial property as it’s an extremely desirable asset for wealth generation and preservation.

Yet most investors lack efficient access to the asset class as it has a notoriously difficult entry barrier and has also had little in the way of innovation through technology, he says.

“Through a tech-enabled marketplace we’re going to give more people the opportunity to invest in these assets while offering lower minimums, lower fees, greater transparency and increased liquidity compared to analogue incumbents.”

Hurley, who is a serial entrepreneur, says the Jasper platform offers a new and better way to invest in commercial property.

“Investors will be able to buy fractional portions of commercial properties online, receive regular dividends from the property’s rental income deposited directly into their bank account, and then sell their shares through Jasper’s online secondary market as they desire.”

To date, NZD$1.025 million of capital has been raised, with the decision to seek external funding motivated by the aim of getting strategically aligned investors on board to help execute the concept.

The capital will be invested in developing the technology, sourcing a pipeline of investment opportunities, hiring key team members and securing regulatory licensing here and in Australia.

Jasper director Craig Donaldson, who is also the global CEO of Kea, says they believe the platform will change the way people invest.

“While commercial property is a huge opportunity, it’s potentially just a jumping off point into something much bigger. We see a future where everyone can invest in high-quality alternative assets from across the globe using simply their smartphone or similar device.”

Jasper will launch in New Zealand and Australia later this year, followed by Asia-Pacific and then Europe. Read more about it here


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