Resimac operations to remain locally run

Resimac New Zealand operations will continue to be run locally, rather than from Australia, following the departure of its general manager Adrienne Church.

Scott McWilliam

Resimac chief executive, Scott McWilliam, who has been in New Zealand this week said that the some of the senior management would step up into bigger roles, and the Australian-based chief financial officer, Jason Azzopardi, would have more oversight of the business.

"It's important day-to-day operations are run from New Zealand," he said. "We absolutely recognise that."

He said there are "material differences" between the Australian and New Zealand markets and the operations need to be run locally.

He praised Church for her work establishing Resimac in New Zealand saying that she will be a loss to the business and was "a great operator".

McWilliam said Church set up a strong team around her and her departure creates opportunities for them.

Resimac sees good opportunities for non-banks in New Zealand, especially as the banks are tightening up in some areas of lending.

He is confident Resimac can continue to grow its book in New Zealand.

McWilliam attended a session with some of Resimac's top writers while he was in New Zealand and that gave him further confidence the business can grow in New Zealand.




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