RESIMAC appoints new lending manager

RESIMAC Home Loans has appointed Vincent van der Kraaij as its Lending Manager.

van der Kraaij joined RESIMAC Home Loans at the start of the year and has 18 years experience in the finance industry, including lending, assurance and asset management roles at UDC; and private bank, risk and retail roles at ANZ.

He will be responsible for the management of the RESIMAC Lending Team; the development of the New Zealand lending policies and for reporting on all lending components to ensure a sound mortgage portfolio is maintained.

“I took this role because RESIMAC pays attention to the changing market and knows how to say yes to a growing segment of good borrowers that traditional lenders largely continue to ignore. I don’t ascribe to ‘tick-the-box’ or automated lending. It’s our job to listen and wherever possible find a sound solution for clients. That’s what advisers can expect from the RESIMAC Lending team,” van der Kraaij said.

General manager Adrienne Church said: “Vincent has the extensive lending and credit experience that this senior position demands, but more importantly, has a real talent for working with the needs of borrowers and their mortgage advisers.”

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