NZHL confirms Skilton as CEO

New Zealand Home Loans has confirmed former chief distribution officer Aaron Skilton as its permanent chief executive.

NZHL has handed Skilton the top job on an ongoing basis after he took on the job of interim CEO earlier this year. TMM Online revealed the news in May.

Skilton replaces Julian Travaglia, who left NZHL in May to become general manager of Public Trust, the New Zealand government appointed trustee services organisation.

Skilton's appointment was confirmed by NZHL today. 

Skilton has worked for NZHL since April 2015. In his most recent role as chief distribution officer, he provided NZHL with analysis and advice on strategy and financial advisory regulation. 

Prior to joining NZHL, Skilton was chief executive at financial services business Greenstone Inc. He also held the role of associate director at financial services company Marsh, where he was responsible for the Marsh Mercer Benefits business. Skilton graduated from Massey University.

NZHL say the appointment comes off the back of strong recent customer satisfaction scores. According to the company, NZHL has one of the highest net promote scores (NPS) in the banking industry. It says nearly three quarters of its clients have "high levels of satisfaction".

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