Two groups working together for advisers

With regulation looming, mortgage adviser group need to develop their businesses to meet the on-coming changes. Mortgage Express and the Q Advisor Group, while separate, are working together to develop tools to empower their advisers. Here's what they have done so far.

Q ADVISOR GROUP AND MORTGAGE EXPRESS. Working together to provide the tools to empower their Advisers.

Ask yourself what you have done to future proof your business?

Working cohesively together. This is what Mortgage Express And Q Advisor Group are doing and achievements to date include:

  • Have developed and launched a market leading end to end Mortgage business platform complete with templates which  have been signed off as being compliant.
  • Jointly appointed an in-house Compliance Manager, the first groups in New Zealand to have done that.
  • Plans to extend the existing platform to include Insurance (likely availability early 2018).
  • Worked with advisers to help them comply with existing and proposed requirements of FSPR and DSR registration.
  • Working with advisers to ensure websites and point of sale marketing material will meet the rigours of current and future regulation.
  • Reviewing mortgage files with advisers and providing advice to help them ensure they are compliant.
  • Adopting a structured approach to CPD recording and monitoring and assisting advisers to complete and maintain relevant Personal Development Plans.
  • Providing sound advice on Educational Pathway requirements.

MX and Q, while separate entities, understand the value that aligning themselves and working strategically together provides both for themselves and for their advisers.

Head of MX, Sarah Johnston, and Head of Q, Geoff Bawden say there is no commercial threat when parties trust each other and understand the benefits that working together provides for the
common good of their members. Every - one is a winner.

Working together saves cost and more importantly enables both Groups’ to provide a better outcome for their members at a competitive price Bawden and Johnston say.

While working with separate Real Estate entities both say there is no threat to each other by working together, only benefits, and when you get your head around that the rest is easy.

It’s a no brainer really. Both Groups’ processing systems, while branded separately are now effectively the same, and that creates a world of endless opportunity in relation to the things we can continue to do together while still retaining individual culture.

Further more, from a recruitment perspective, together we can now offer the opportunity for potential members to align themselves with either of two internationally based real estate groups. There is no other party in New Zealand who is able to do that and we all know how important creating the vehicle to provide leads is to the growth of a business.

Ask yourself, what have you done?

Do you know what you need to do in your business to ensure you will still be trading in the future?

Maybe it is time for a change?

Talk to those who know what is required and are now able to tangibly demonstrate what they have been doing for their advisers.

Contact either:

Sarah Johnston on (027) 512 4466 or

Geoff Bawden (021) 837 003 today.

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